Description of the transportation vehicle of the Main campus and medical campus of ISU

First, the traffic car category, attributes:
  1. The school and E-Tai passengers are enrolled in the faculty and staff of the school headquarters and the Dayuan 100 faculty (known as the school bus). The students of the school board the school bus and need to use the school ticket.
  2. Yida Passenger Transportation operates on its own, the school headquarters, the Yida World to the high-speed rail, the municipal government, the art museum, the Wujia, Fengshan, Okayama, Foguangshan, Yida Hospital and other routes
  3. Kaohsiung Passenger Transport operates on its own, from the Medical School to the Qishan, Nanxun, Okayama, Yanchao, MRT stations and other routes.
  4. Kaohsiung City bus, from the medical school area to Nanzhao, Okayama, Taisha, Yanchao, MRT station and other routes.
Second, the school bus:
  1. School bus route: From Kaohsiung Sanduo Road, Dayuanbai, along Zhongshan Road, Jianguo Road, Kaohsiung Railway Station, Minzu Road, (MRT Qingpu Station), Nanxun Railway Station, Nanxun New Road, Xingnan Road , Dashe Zhongshan road, school.
  2. The school bus travel time starts from 06:50 in the morning to 10:15 in the evening.
  3. School ticket office: The school's students are invited to the event center convenience store, the administrative building cashier group and the comprehensive teaching building training department.
  4. Members in the medical school area are invited to the General Affairs Office on the first floor of Building B of the Teaching Building.
3. Bus No. 96 - a shuttle bus between the school headquarters and the medical school district (Yida Passenger Bus No. 96 bus, one-way fare is 12 yuan.
  1. To serve the students of the school, the 96-way bus plan is an indirect barge between the department and the branch. The school is responsible for the bus fare. The school students go to the school headquarters or the medical school district guard room, with the student ID, fill in the collection record and receive the ticket for free.
  2. 96 bus route: Yida Hospital, Cuipingyan, Guanjingshanlin, Crown Hotel, Yishou University, Yida World.
Fourth, the school bus ride location:
  1. The school headquarters greeting station: the bus shelter in front of the Science and Technology Building and the passenger terminal sign at the school gate.
  2. Women's District Greeting Station: Opposite to the bus shelter passenger bus stop at Yida Hospital.
  3. The school bus stops at the city bus stop along the route scheduled by the school.
  4. Yida Passenger Transport stops at Yida Bus Terminal according to the route of Yida Passenger Transport
5. Traffic car timetable:
  1. You can go to the General Affairs Office's website for printing. ../2018/homepage_v01.php?dept_mno=607→Administrative unit→General Affairs Office
  2. Or the Shangyi Passenger Website for printing. URL: http ://
Sixth, Kaohsiung City bus real-time dynamic information:
  1. Students with smart phones can install the iBus Kaohsiung Bus App.
  2. You can instantly grasp the real-time dynamics of the bus and find out where the bus is currently and when it arrives.
7. During the summer and winter vacations, due to the reduction of classmates' vacation schedules, please pay special attention to the school announcement of the bus schedule.

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