Office of General Affairs glads to be of service

Documentation Section

§ Chen Wen-siang §

•Deputy Chief

Name:Chen Wen-siang




1.Handling overall affairs related to the Section and assigning tasks to staff members
2.Safekeeping the University’s official seals
3.Reviewing applications for seal/stamp affixation and affixing seals/stamps to documents being applied for
4.Determining incoming official documents
5.Proofreading outgoing official documents and affixing seals/stamps on such documents
6.Taking meeting minutes of the Executive Board Meeting of the Office of General Affairs
7.Handling other non-routine affairs

§ Wu Sing-ru  §


Name:Wu Sing-ru




1.Managing the Electronic Document Exchange System
2.Managing the e-Documents System
3.Managing and digitalizing printed official documents
4.Preparing monthly statistics on the e-Documents System
5.Maintaining and updating the Office’s website and reporting details to supervisors
6.Compiling and submitting the annual internal control report of the Office
7.Handling other non-routine affairs

§ Cheng Cing-sian  §

•Junior Clerk

Name:Cheng Cing-sian




1.Checking the number of incoming electronic official documents which have been concluded
2.Delivering the Office’s official documents to other units
3.Going to the post office on campus on working days to collect and send mails
4.Sending ordinary mails and prompt delivery mails
5.Keeping a record of students’ registered mails sent to student dormitories
6.Keeping a record of faculty and staff members’ English names and conducting inquiries whenever necessary
7.Handling facsimile-related affairs
8.Filing and binding all printed official documents and conducting inquiries whenever necessary
9.Checking and accepting mails and items delivered by logistics companies or express services
10.Keeping a record of registered mails and parcels addressed to faculty and staff members as well as students not living at student dormitories, and handling affairs related to their collecting mails or parcels
11.Purchasing postage stamps and handling affairs related to the reimbursement of the postage
12.Keeping a record of the postage amount spent by each unit
13.Collecting official documents to be delivered to Medical Campus
14.Making entries of the registered mails and parcels of students not living at student dormitories on the Section’s website
15.Handling other non-routine affairs