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Cashier Section

§ Wu Hci-chi §

•Senior Staff & Deputy Chief

Name:Wu Hci-chi


E-mail:email icohcwu@isu.edu.tw


1.Handling all affairs related to the Section
2.Supervising, handling, and reviewing affairs related to cashier management
3.Submitting income and expenditure statements to supervisors
4.Planning the computerization of cashier-related affairs
5.Managing and handling affairs related to bank deposit accounts
6.Assisting with the verification of bank deposit details
7.Handling other non-routine affairs

§ Chen Yueh-chueh §


Name:Chen Yueh-chueh


E-mail:email icoycchen@isu.edu.tw


1.Receiving the funding for research projects, entering the funding into the accounts, and granting the funding to related parties
2.Handling affairs related to payments within and outside the University (scholarships, work-study payments, student loans, payments to contractors, reduction/exemption of the tuition and other required fees, etc.)
3.Reviewing and maintaining the remittance data of contractors
4.Managing petty cash (entering the cash into the accounts, granting, preparing balance statements, and deficit compensation)
5.Handling affairs related to the tuition and other required fees
6.Assisting with affairs related to payment collection
7.Handling other non-routine affairs

§ Lin Jing-yi §


Name:Lin Jing-yi


E-mail:email icokate0420@isu.edu.tw


1.Entering various grants into the accounts, producing receipts of payment, and cancelling debts after receiving full payments
2.Submitting all the payments collected to the University and preparing balance statements
3.Safekeeping negotiable securities and foreign currencies
4.Collecting daily incomes from businesses on campus
5.Requesting receipts, issuing receipts, preparing balance statements, collecting and binding all receipts, and safekeeping all receipts
6.Handling affairs related to the verification and expense reimbursement of remittances from banks
7.Handling affairs related to the verification, compilation, and preparation of balance statements of donations
8.Handling other non-routine affairs