Cashier Announcement

2021-06-30 23:12:41

[Announcement]Notices of Tuition and Other Required Fees in the 1st Semester of Acadmeic Year 2021(6/30 update)

  • International Students

1. If you want to pay by credit card, please log in to ISU’s Information System ( → check your payment slip and pay by credit card.

2. If you want to pay at a post office, please first download the payment slip on ISU’s Information System ( Then, please pay at a post office with the payment slip by September 17, 2021, and collect the second and third pages of the payment slip (with an official stamp affixed).

●  Contact Person: Ms. Yueh-chueh Chen of the Cashier Section (#2332)

Contact Person: Lin Jing-yi 
Contact Number: 2333 
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