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Buses to and from the Main Campus and the Medical Campus

  1. The school and E-Tai passengers are enrolled in the faculty and staff of the school headquarters and the Dayuan 100 faculty (known as the school bus). The students of the school board the school bus and need to use the school ticket.
  2. Buses run by E-Da Bus head for THSR Zuoying Station, Kaohsiung City Government, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Wujia, Fengshan, Gangshan, Fo Guang Shan, and E-Da Hospital from the Main Campus and E-Da World.
  3. Buses run by Kaohsiung Bus head for Qishan, Nanzih, Gangshan, Yanchao, and MRT stations from the Medical Campus.
  4. Kaohsiung city buses head for Nanzih, Gangshan, Dashe, Yanchao, and MRT stations from the Medical Campus.
II.ISU Shuttle Bus Route
  1. Route: FE21 Mega Kaohsiung - Zhongshan Road - Jianguo Road - Kaohsiung Main Station - Minzu Road - (MRT Cingpu Station) - Nanzih Railway Station - Nanzixin Road - Xingnan Road - Zhongshan Road (Dashe Dist.) - ISU
  2. Service Hours: 6:50 a.m. ~ 10:15 p.m.
  3. Ticket Office:
  4. Main Campus: FamilyMart Convenient Store, Cashier Section at the Administration Building, and Division of Continuing Education at the Teaching Building
  5. Medical Campus: Office of General Affairs on the first floor, Building B
III.E-Da Bus No. 96: This shuttle bus runs between the Main Campus and the Medical Campus. (NT$36/person)
  1. ISU offers students free tickets for Bus No. 96. Students can collect free bus tickets with the student ID card at the Campus Guard Office at both campuses.
  2. Bus No. 96 Route: E-Da Hospital - Tsui Ping Yen - Kuan Ching Shan Lin - E-Da Royal Hotel - ISU - E-Da World.
IV.Bus Stops:
  1. Main Campus: The bus shelter in front of the Science and Engineering Building and the bus stop at the main gate.
  2. Medical Campus: The bus shelter right across E-Da Hospital.
  3. Please refer to the bus route for other bus stops.
V.Shuttle Bus Timetable:
  1. For more information, please visit the following websites: (ANNOUNCEMENT ) or
  • VI.Kaohsiung City Real-Time Bus Arrival Information System: For real-time bus arrival information, you may download the APP "iBus" to receive instant information about bus services.
  • VII.Please note that a different timetable will be released on summer and winter vacations.

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