Office of General Affairs glads to be of service

Responsibilities of General Affairs Section

  1. Handling affairs related to university procurement projects.
  2. Handling affairs related to requests for procurement payment.
  3. Handling affairs related to campus maintenance, cleaning, and planting.
  4. Supervising affairs related to the management and cleaning of public areas in each building.
  5. Supervising, deploying, and managing gardening businesses and temporary workers.
  6. Handling affairs related to the management, maintenance, borrowing, and rental of equipment and spaces of the University.
  7. Assisting in holding assemblies, decorating activity venues, and providing and operating equipment.
  8. Handling affairs related to the assignment, maintenance, insurance, and inspection of company cars.
  9. Purchasing and controlling refueling vouchers, and Highway ETC and preparing monthly statements.
  10. Supervising and managing affairs related to shuttle buses.
  11. Handling affairs related to the management of the switchboard, office telephones, and telephone fees.
  12. Supervising the surroundings and equipment of restaurants and convenience stores on campus.
  13. Handling affairs related to campus security guards and access control.
  14. Handling other general affairs of the University.
  15. Handling non-routine affairs.
Note: In the event of any disputes or misunderstanding as to the interpretation of the language or terms of the Rules, the Chinese language version shall prevail.