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Pineapple Cake Gift Set NOW on Sale!
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Please contact ISU Teaching and Practice Headquarters to order, during class please call 07-6577711 ext.2598 & during weekends & winter & summer vacations call ext.2591

Pineapple Cake Gift Set Information

NOW on Sale!
NOW on Sale! Pineapple Cake Gift Set Per box Special Offer:NT$360
  1. Special Offer: NT$360
  2. A Special Gift from I-Shou University
  3. Filling:Taiwanese pineapple and winter gourd. The taste is tart and sweet, reminiscent of your first love.
  4. Crust:natural New Zealand butter, Parmesan cheese, and high-quality flour
  5. Original Price: NT$420 (The special offer is available if an non-ISU member buys 10 or more sets.)

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